Silas is a cinematographer local to Chicago and Denver. Silas has 6 years of experience in the camera depart. They've worked with all major digital camera systems; including Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic. Silas has also worked with the Aaton XTR Super 16mm camera. Silas has covered all bases of the camera department from Director of Photography to Camera PA. Silas is a camera operator, 1st AC + Focus Puller, 2nd AC, & a camera utility/PA. With years of experience on many different sets using a wide variety of equipment, Silas is adaptable professional, knowledgable, and efficient. As a Director of Photography, Silas transfers all of their skills as a day player in the camera department into their creative role as a cinematographer to ensure crews feel heard, respected, and valued. Silas believes it is the success of the crew that makes the success of the movie and as a DoP who has been through the wringer of working the camera team, they can make sure their department runs with the utmost efficiency and satisfaction. 

Silas is also a sound mixer local to Chicago and Denver. Silas has 5 years of experience in the sound world. Mixing for film & television and also live mixing for theatre. Silas has lots of experience managing large and small arrays of RF signaling. This is extremely important because clean, legal, and uninterrupted wireless feeds are some of the most invaluable and turnkey pieces of recording clean dialogue. Silas knows it is of the utmost importance to capture the cleanest dialogue possible on the day and is equipped to do that in a way that works all the way through post-production. Silas is a sound designer as well as a dialogue editor and foley artist so they know what it takes to make a move sound great long after principal photography has wrapped. Sound is, in Silas's opinion, the most important aspect of the cinematic experience, and they conduct themselves accordingly on set to make sure you have everything you need to make your vision come to life. 
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